As a personal fitness trainer and owner of a private fitness studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. Many of my women clients have issues with certain areas that they would like to work on such as their hips, Gluteal muscles, abdominal and arms. these areas are the most requested  by women. In my private fitness studio, I get the challenge to work on these areas so that my clients get results in their health and fitness goals. Also one of the byproducts is that women want to look good. So we must concentrate not only on the aesthetics part of fitness. Also the health and wellness part. This can be done through a sensible fitness program  custom designed for the client. These programs must be safe, effective, always challenging and fun.

One of the benefits of me having a private fitness studio is that I get to work with my clients individually with no distractions. This is a great advantage for the client because I can give them more concentrated effort, the workload is greater and also there no outside distractions such as other people getting in our way. An example of this is other gym members.

Programs designed for women must be challenging and safe. These programs constantly have to change. This way the body is always adopting.  as the body tries to adapt and is constantly challenged progress is been made. These workouts should be whole body workouts. along with every workout there should be about 30% exercises pertaining to specific problem areas for the client. Such as one workout there’ll be more legwork and are more and less of the rest of the body. Then the following work out though be less a workout with the arms and legs and more with the middle torso and backside.

It is very rewarding for  a personal fitness trainer to see the results obtained by the clients.