Personal fitness trainers work with their clients by educating them, being positive examples, and helping them uncover the problems — and then finding positive solutions that will fix their problems in fitness and health. Working side-by-side with a fitness professional is one sure way to achieve fitness success.

When you hire a personal fitness trainer, you are hiring an experienced, highly educated, and knowledgeable person that will make your fitness journey easier, safer, and more rewarding. Fitness trainers can cut out all the fluff, the unnecessary and meaningless exercises that could put a stop or stagger your fitness progress. Once a fitness trainer figures out what you need, it is very easy for them to recommend, show, and implement exercises to a faster fitness level. Even  personal fitness trainers hire other fitness professionals to help them reach their goals. We can all use outside help. That’s why in professional sports even the pros have coaches watching them, moderating them, and critiquing their performance — all to help enable the athlete to move at a faster and safer level of athleticism.

As a personal trainer with a lifetime of experience, I’ve seen hundreds of people trying to reach their fitness goals in gyms and fitness centers — whether they want to lose weight, firm and tone special areas, increase their energy, or just get stronger and more physically fit. All these goals are great for your health and self-esteem.

The problem is that it is very hard to accomplish these goals if you have no knowledge on how to start a program.

In my experience, when someone says they have joined a gym and have started eating properly, this may last one to two weeks at most. Then they will stop. The main reason they stop is they don’t have a program — a map that starts out slowly and progresses to high levels of success in fitness and health.

This is where a personal trainer comes in. Whether you are working in a studio or at home, personal trainers are educated into holding the client accountable for their actions outside the gym. We are trained to safely help the client reach their fitness goals.

Look at weight loss. In weight loss it’s better to have the client exercise at a very slow and comfortable pace as they are educated on how to choose the proper foods to eat so that they may reach their weight loss goals.

A knowledgeable trainer gives their clients options. Everybody’s different. No two bodies respond the same way to exercise and nutrition. Trainers can map out a safe program that will make it easy for the client to follow, and then follow through so that they make the right choices.

Personal trainers are educated to design a program that is complete for the client, balanced in the progression to reach their fitness goals. My five-way fitness program enables the client to have a complete program where they concentrate on:

1. cardiovascular fitness

2. muscular strength

3. muscular endurance

4. flexibility and balance

5. body composition (nutrition)

A program designed with three out of these five components is a complete program. An example of an incomplete program is only doing aerobic exercise like a treadmill, bicycle, or an elliptical machine.

It is very important to hire someone that is a good fit as a personal Fitness personal trainer. There must be chemistry between the client and the trainer.

It takes years for a personal trainer to gain the experience, knowledge, and dedication to be at a highest level.

The most important question for a client is: are you getting the results for which you hired that fitness professional?

Michael Metchikian, NASM, CPT, CES, CNS, is a corrective exercise specialist who see clients in his private fitness studio in Cliffside Park or at homes in Bergen County. He is dedicated to working with his clients one-on-one in a private atmosphere. His passion is to help adults reach their fitness goals. For more information visit or call (201) 906-7668.