More and more people are interested in getting fit. We all know the high statistics of Americans that are out of shape and overweight. Many adults are hiring personal trainers to help them reach their fitness goals. Fitness trainers are a valuable asset to someone who does not know where to start in an exercise program.  Even in special situations where fit adults try to improve towards their fitness goals, they fall short due to injuries or bad exercise programing. This is where a special hybrid trainer is very valuable. As an at-home personal trainer and private studio owner, I have learned to educate myself on many different types of modalities to help people balance their bodies. There are many special physical therapy programs to help a client stay balanced and continue to move properly, and it’s crucial they make safe progress toward their fitness goal.  One of these therapies is called Neuro Kinetic Therapy or NKT. NKT is a way of testing a person who has movement issues or is in pain. The test is very specialized. It helps the therapist-trainer analyze where the disfunction is, which muscles are facilitated and which are inhibited. The therapist-trainer then assigns homework to release the facilitated muscle and activate the inhibited muscle using specific releases and exercises. This is only the basis of NKT.  The therapist-trainer can also work with scars which can down-regulate facia often causing faulty movement patterns. In short, NKT is a very effective protocol that can help many issues, past or present.  It is a very important skill to have as a personal trainer. Helping a client get out of pain and moving correctly makes the fitness journey more achievable because it provides a more positive experience and outcome in the long home fitness assessment

Here are some issues that NKT can help a person with!

  1.  Feet. The foot is the basis of any movement pattern. Balancing the foot can help with proper mechanics when exercising. Bunions, hammertoes, unstable ankles are all treatable through NKT.  Issues with neck pain and lower back issues can often be related to the feet.
  2. The core is a major problem for many people who have lower back pain. The NKT protocol helps the therapy-trainer find out the area or muscles of disfunction. Balance is worked on through many forms of releases and activations.
  3. Scars. Pretty much everyone has a scar. Scars can cause unbalanced movement in many ways. Some scars can cause problems to muscles that are in another region of the body. NKT helps relate scars to pain and movement issues, and then the scars are treated in a special protocol.
  4. Ligaments have proprioception to them. This is pretty new to the exercise and rehabilitation industry. NKT protocols can help find out what ligaments and tendons need to be released and/or stimulated.
  5. Neck issues are very common in the NKT therapy community. Through NKT testing, the therapy-trainer can determine the muscle disfunction through testing, and can then help with balancing the area through releases and activations of certain areas.

These are just a few of the areas that NKT can treat. Many other areas such as the eyes, shoulders, jaw, mid-back, hips, and many other muscles issues can be resolved through NKT

My advice as a fitness professional for over 35 years is to hire someone that is more than a personal trainer. They must be more than a personal trainer delivering exercise routines alone. Today’s trainers must have more skills and be a hybrid professional who has physical therapy protocols in their tool belt.

Michael Metchikian NASM, CPT, CES, NKT

Michael works in the Boca Raton area of Florida. He has a private studio and does at home training-therapy. He is versed in many modalities of therapy and fitness, strength training, and neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, ALS, & Multiple Sclerosis. He is also a performance coach and rehabilitation specialist.

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