Many adults today get frustrated and stop exercising because they don’t see results. Many today take the action to lose weight and get fit. Only to stop their exercise and nutrition program. One reason they stop is that they get discouraged by not seeing enough progress in their efforts. One way to keep a person that exercises to continue is having them make progress in their goals. This can be a challenge to many who are not experts or don’t have the education to continue to make progress in the gym or scale.  Hiring an expert personal fitness trainer is the key. A five-way fitness trainer has the knowledge, inspiration, and program design to help anyone that has fitness goals that they truly want to accomplish.

  When you hire a five-way fitness trainer you’re hiring some who has the experience and commitment to help you reach your goals. He is some important areas where a five-way fitness trainer can help you get back at being your best in health and fitness.

  1. Now you have a team. Goals are reached faster by having someone at your side.
  2. The trainer knows how to set up a program for exercise that is custom-tailored for your needs. This will help by exercising just enough and not overdoing it. Or on the other hand not doing enough. Both are areas where people struggle in the gym.
  3. Being monitored by a fitness trainer is important. Many people get injured in the gym. Choosing the right exercise and how you perform is very important. A trainer will watch your form and technique to make sure you get the most out of the exercise with safety.
  4. Fitness trainers are educated on how to push a client towards their goals safely. Knowing how hard to exercise is an art. Going overboard is very dangerous for the client. For many reasons, injury, overtraining, muscle imbalances and mental staleness.
  5. When it comes to decreasing body-fat levels. A great trainer can give you advice or set you up on a wholesome nutrition program to reach the weight loss goals. The takes a lot of knowledge and timing on the trainers part. The key is slow steady fat loss rather than unrealistic lose which many yo-yo back up.
  6. A good nutrition coach can help you make your nutrition program more flavorful and enjoyable. This is very important because the client will continue to follow it and keep making progress. If they are enjoying the meals. Taste is important.
  7. Five-Way Trainers are experts on helping people stay motivated and inspired on their weight loss and fitness journey. Having someone on your side is a big advantage.

All these bullet points are the foundation of a successful exercise program.  It is very difficult to find a personal trainer who has all these skills. At Five-Way Fitness we do. Invite a Personal Trainer to your next workout.

Michael Metchikian NASM, CPT, CNS, NKT

At Home personal training and weight loss specialist. I specialize in weight loss and exercise programs that deliver results in weight reduction along with getting strong and moving without pain. Expert with joint replacements, neurological disorders, and special problems.

This is all done in the comfort of your home or apartment fitness center.