It’s hard to find the right personal trainer.  There many personal trainers that’s for sure. Finding the one that’s right for you is not so easy. You can go to a health club and sign-up and they’ll assign you a personal trainer. You can call personal training studio and start up on their programs. They will also assign you a personal trainer. How do you find the trainer is right for you. That’s why choosing a five way fitness personal trainer is the best choice. Here’s what makes us special.

  1. We are educated and training people over the age of 40. This is a lot different than training athletes or children. Athletes and children are more of a boot camp or high-intensity platform type of training. Training someone over 40 takes tremendous knowledge in musculoskeletal problems, physical therapy, balancing and aligning the body properly. Knowing how to push the client just enough.
  2.  Our assessments are very thorough and we find out a lot about how your body works. This way we can align and balance the body through special movements, exercises, and routines. This way as you progress in your workout. The body will stay balanced and of be less risk of injury or pain.
  3.   Knowing how to do post rehab physical therapy is very important for the over 40 client. Most clients that are over 40 have current injuries, joint replacements, or are dealing with pain constantly. Hiring a five way fitness trainer can help with making the client move and exercise without pain.
  4.  Keeping a journal of all the records of how the client training or nutrition program is going is very important for the success of the client. Five way fitness trainers weigh their clients weekly, take their measurements, take before and after pictures. Also we have a special five weight fitness food journal. Which the client keeps track of what they eat throughout the day. This helps tremendously with keeping the client consistent, motivated, and the fitness trainer can see where the client needs help and advice. For weight loss programs food journaling is the key to success.
  5.  Finally fitness trainers have a special chemistry with their clients. Yes they interact with their clients. They don’t waste their time discussing personal matters or current issues. That they had to deliver results. They have the client’s best interest in mind.

At home five way fitness personal trainers have a great reputation in delivering results. In the Boca Raton and Delray Beach area. Clients have hired them to get results in whatever fitness goals they have. From weight loss, strength training, cardiovascular work, physical therapy, or any general fitness goals. Why not invite the five way personal trainer into your workout at home.