Many people want to get in shape today. The problem is they don’t have the right direction and guidance. Choosing the right personal trainer can be challenging to people who want to start an exercise program. As a at-home personal trainer. I understand the adversities people face when trying to hire a qualified and knowledgeable personal trainer. I specialize in at-home personal training. This makes it very convenient for the client to set up a time in their home. Convenience is very important to many people. Busy business executives, doctors, lawyers or simple stay-at-home moms can benefit from an at-home personal trainer. Here are some guidelines on choosing the right personal trainer for you.

  1. You want to ask for qualifications such as certifications from nationally recognized organizations. There are many organizations that qualify and certified personal trainers that are very credible. Along with that is very important to ask if the personal trainer has any insurance. Many trainers don’t have insurance  or  They are not certified which is a very bad sign. Setting up a simple interview with a personal trainer is very important.
  2.  Sitting down with a simple interview to ask the trainer on his beliefs and concepts regarding your fitness goals. If your goal is to lose weight? Is he experienced in setting you up on organized weight loss program. Ask him if he records any data regarding your fitness goals. Such as measurements or nutritional journaling.
  3.  While interviewing the personal trainer. Asked them if there will be an assessment. An assessment is special testing drills that the personal trainer performs on the client before starting an exercise program. This way the personal trainer is able to assess the client’s fitness skills. Assessments also enabled the personal trainer to learn more about the client’s body and how it moves. This way if the client has any postural distortions, imbalances, old injuries. The personal trainer that can take note of these problems. Then design a program that will help the client balance out their body and become pain-free during movement and exercise.
  4.  Pay close attention to personal trainer well you are interviewing him. the trainer should be also asking questions about you, your lifestyle, past injuries, medications and supplementation. The more information the personal trainer gathers from you the better.
  5.  When starting out the first session. If the personal trainer to start working you out and giving you exercises? Be very careful. Giving exercises or routines without a careful assessment of the client is very dangerous. Being careful not to start too early or with the wrong exercise can be very dangerous.
  6.  Asking referrals is the number one mistake clients to when hiring a personal trainer. When hiring a personal trainer you should have between 2 to 3 referrals by active clients. Calling these clients up and asking them about the personality, character, knowledge and professionalism is very important. This is a mistake many clients don’t do. Especially if they belong to a big box fitness center. They usually go to the front desk and ask to speak to a personal trainer. This is a big mistake. In my at-home five way fitness personal training program. I hand select all my personal trainers and have them go through a thorough program. Where I teach them proper assessment along with my ideology how a client has to be handled with extreme care and professionalism.