As an at-home personal trainer who trains clients in Boca Raton and Delray Beach Florida. My five way fitness personal training program is designed for adults. Many adults have problems such as muscle skeletal injuries, bad posture,  problems with flexibility and balance, stability and strength issues. To correct these problems. A five way fitness personal trainer does a thorough assessment to the client. Assessing the client for possible faults with their bodies such as injuries, bad movement patterns, stability and mobility. After assessing the client. A five way fitness personal trainer sets up a program to fix these problems. Many of these problems can be fixed by special exercises with stability balls, rubber bands, bodyweight exercises and special breathing exercises.

Putting the client on a machine such as a leg press, leg extension, lat pulldown or chest press machine. Machines are only used to push off the plane. They don’t work mobility, stability and core. Many personal trainers in  fitness centers just take their clients through a basic circuit of machines. This is a great injustice to the client which needs to have their body balanced and aligned.

The first objective or goal for a five way fitness trainer is to make the kind move free without pain, and have a stable and strong body. Then strain training can be introduced with dumbbells, barbells, and machines.