My passion for being at personal fitness trainer is always trying to better myself to educate, motivate and help my clients get fit. I was watching on Facebook this one personal trainer at a local popular boot camp style facility. The post was trying to impress others of how this trainer with screaming and yelling to the trainees going about their fitness routine. The personal fitness trainer had these yogi-isms, smart Alec comments and was trying to be sarcastic as a way of inspiring and pushing the trainees. As a personal fitness trainer, I do not agree that that is the correct thing to do. Wiseass remarks, putdowns and just shouting at people to get up and go is not the correct way to motivate someone and inspire someone.

In my at-home personal fitness studio, it’s all about motivating my clients by giving them proper exercise guidance. Showing them new exercises and having them do that in the correct manner. As a personal trainer, if one of my clients form goes off. I stopped the exercise show them the correct form and have them practice it till they get it. Then we continue to do more of that exercise. Form and technique is key. So rather than me just screaming yelling and pushing people to the point of they lose their focus on the correct form and technique. I concentrate on giving them quality work. Quality work is done one-on-one in a private setting with a personal fitness trainer with no distractions. That’s while boot style fitness programs do not work and the chances of people getting injured are great.

There is more to just sweating and grunting and struggling to exercise. As a personal fitness trainer, we should all be true to our profession and be knowledgeable enough to take the time