I would like to address the issue of personal training at home, private studio and in a large fitness center. Personal training is about getting instruction, motivation, and personalized attention to achieve the proper fitness goals of the client. I would like to address the three locations and the benefits and the adversities of the three.

As for me I have a private fitness studio, in Cliffside, Park New Jersey. This studio is fully equipped and is designed for me to train one client at a time that way they get the proper attention they need, instruction and results safely. In my private fitness studio they’re no distractions. It’s just my client and me. This time is dedicated to the client to achieve their results properly through no distractions, old equipment available to them when necessary, no waiting and to progress in the pace that’s comfortable for them. I believe this is the most certain, safe and most productive way to achieve a client’s fitness goals. This is the purest form of personal training. Private attention, no distractions and complete focus on the client.

Next is in-home personal training. At-home personal training has his benefits that the client does not have to travel. It saves them great time to inform the gym. Also if the client has issues such as body issues or exercising around others. This can be for them. The only drawback is that personal training at home is limited to the equipment. No matter how affluent the client is, all the homes that I have entered have not been adequately facilitated with the proper equipment needed to achieve results. Plus is a home is for relaxing, not aggressive fitness or exercise. Many people do get good results in the fitness center at home. Those homes of the million-dollar homes, with hundreds of thousands of dollars with equipment.

The last area that is popular or the large fitness gyms. Usually when a member buys a membership, at the end the salesperson offers them a package of personal training. There’s many downsides that. One is when you receive the trainer; it’s usually the most inexperienced, newest trainer. Also there is the adversity of getting the equipment needed. Because there are the members training around you which is very difficult to go buy a program that is specifically designed. So you must skip around and find alternative choices. There is waiting for the equipment, distractions of other members socializing with the trainer or the client. Private fitness training was not designed for large gyms. Because then it would be private and there’s people around you. Social distractions are the nemesis to results for clients who wish to hire a personal fitness trainer.

I am very devoted to my profession as a personal fitness trainer and believe getting the proper results, quickly, effectively and safely. I’m totally dedicated to providing quality service and results in my private fitness studio.