personal trainer Tenafly Where many people focus on what they want and need from a personal trainer, it’s funny how often it is overlooked that your personal trainer in Tenafly has expectations too. Quick and obvious results are often the focus for those who hire a fitness trainer but without knowing, or caring about, what your trainer needs from you those results can be hard to attain. Understanding each other and openly communicating is the best way to ensure a cohesive relationship; where you each feel comfortable and content with the goals that have been set. Make sure to keep these things in mind whenever you have a personal training session:

  • Not being forth-coming about your health – If you’ve lied about, or intentionally omitted, important information about your health, you are damaging your relationship with your trainer. Medications can affect your heart rate, past injuries can keep you from doing certain moves, certain illnesses need particular consideration when exercising. Be transparent with all of your health needs and your personal trainer will appreciate it by adjusting goals and expectations.
  • Constant complaining – Strenuous exercise can be … well…. strenuous. But you knew this before hiring a personal trainer. It is probably the reason you did so; you knew he would help you keep on track. That being said, keep the complaining to a minimum. It only works to frustrate your trainer and impede your progress in the long run.
  • Not keeping up your end of the deal – By skipping sessions, eating less than recommended or working out and not telling us, you face negating or reversing the hard work we put in together. Trust your personal trainer’s plan for your fitness goals.
  • Wearing big baggy clothes – Your body’s angles are the telltale signs your trainer looks for when assessing whether you are doing any particular exercise correctly. By hiding your body, you actually make your trainers job very difficult. Wear clothes that show your form and in time you’ll actually enjoy doing so as you’ll look better and better in them.