personal trainer EdgewaterIf you’ve been following our blogs you hopefully know now what your personal trainer in Edgewater wants and needs to see from you during your sessions. But with the relationship between a client and a personal trainer being both highly intimate and based on symbiotic understanding, it’s important that a personal trainer works to meet your goals and fits with your personality. Though you are paying them as a professional, personal tastes and personality conflicts can sometimes arise. In order to avoid frustration, and a waste of both time and money, use this list as a guideline when hiring and retaining a personal trainer that works for you:

  • Open communication – Like with all important relationships, communication is key to the success of your fitness goals and weight loss plan. By not being forthright and open with you, and you with him, your personal trainer risks more than just losing you as a client. He risks putting you at an elevated exposure to injury and undue frustration. He also risks his career as referrals are huge in the world of fitness.
  • Professionalism – Again, a trainer/client relationship is an intimate one; one that needs to be respected. Where your trainer is there to help you on your fitness path, they should always remain a tad detached. Keep your sessions professional and focused on those goals and the steps you need to take to get there.
  • Certification – Every person who claims the title of personal fitness trainer should have earned it. Ask for and expect proof of certification.
  • Patience – Experienced personal trainers understand that what works for one client, doesn’t necessarily sit well with others. Your personal trainer should be flexible and patient enough to come up with a plan that works for you while still putting you to work.