In my at-home personal training business in Boca Raton, Florida. I’m always trying to better myself as a personal fitness trainer. I’m taking any new courses on how to improve my client’s quality of life. Trying to get as much education and knowledge in my field. Knowledge and experience will get you very far in terms of helping people with their fitness programs. Doesn’t matter if it’s weight loss, strength training, pain-free management(physical rehabilitation) or general fitness goals. The one thing I am very interested is delivering exceptional customer service. The definition of customer is the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services. This is a very important subject matter. Because it truly is how much a personal fitness trainer  cares about the client. I take it personally when it comes to customer service. It’s more than just giving a good workout with the client has pushed hard and perspiring.

Customer service is carrying. Here are some of my key points on how I deliver exceptional customer service in my personal fitness training program.

  1. I always ask how are you feeling before workout. Many times clients will have little kinks in their bodies. They do want to make a big deal about it. But those kinks can turn into some serious problems. By addressing these little issues. The client can work out more efficiently without any risk of injury, pain or discomfort. Also there’s an emotional and psychological side to people. Maybe they’re having a bad day with family or business. It does not take Dr. of Psychology to get some words of support like you’ll be fine.You’re a very strong person. You overcome this obstacle.
  2.  Having patience when a client cannot prefer on the proper exercise correctly. This is a time to show support and poise. Using the words like no that’s not the way you do it. Or you’re not getting it. Is not the correct words. Communicating positively with such words as you almost got it. Let’s try again a little different. I could definitely see you doing this exercise correctly.
  3.  In today’s high-tech society with cell phones and texting messages. Sending someone a message with her having problems being focused on their weight loss program or exercise program is highly recommended. A little message throughout the day means a lot to a client. It is positive support that can go a long way. A phone call is even more personal and says a lot about the personal fitness trainer. In my business. I not only send support messages when people are struggling but also when they are doing good. A daily affirmation goes a long way.
  4.  Always trying to keep it interesting in the client’s eyes with their one-on-one personal training sessions. It is very common for personal trainers to change the variety of their clients workouts. But it also is important for the personal trainer to tell them. I was thinking of the great progress you’re making yesterday. And I took the time to alter your workout and make it a little more challenging since you’re doing so well.
  5.  Whenever my clients reach new plateaus. Which is quite often. I let them know it. I always give them praise and make them feel special. Many times they don’t think it’s a big deal about what they have accomplished. I let them know that not everybody can do what they’re doing. Because it’s true. Not everybody exercises or makes a commitment to better themselves through exercise and nutrition.

No matter what the goals are. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care about them. The chemistry between the client and the personal fitness trainer is the key ingredient to fitness success.