In my private fitness studio, and Cliffside Park New Jersey, I have many clients ask me what they should eat after a workout. Many of my clients have a different idea or concept on what is good to put in your body after a strenuous workout. Many clients don’t have a clue. They’ll just put anything that is around the fridge and their bodies. As a personal fitness trainer, is very important for me to help educate people on what to eat after a workout.

Of course one of the most important things during a workout is staying properly hydrated. Drinking some water preferably at room temperature is best. Hydrating the body is very important during exercise. Many people miss out on this opportunity. It is important that you not drink chilled or cold water. This shocks the body and is really not friendly for our hydration purposes. Cool water is friendlier to the digestive system and body. Sipping as you train will get you a long way to maintain your fluids.

Since I have the luxury of training people in a private setting in my personal fitness studio from people around the area. People come to me from Fort Lee, Edgewater, Englewood, and as far as Alpine, New Jersey. Personal fitness trainers are often asked simple meals or snacks after a workout. There are two guidelines to go by.

  1. Was a workout more muscle and strength orientated?
  2. Was a workout more aerobic orientated?

The reason these two questions are brought up is if the workout was more strength and muscle orientated. Then the trainee could eat more protein and a little less carbohydrate.

If the trainee did more of an aerobic workout then fluids and carbohydrates would be a better source along with a minimal amount of protein.

If the workout was done half-and-half then it would be half protein and have a carbohydrate.

There are guidelines on when to eat after the workout. Usually within a good hour one should get a feeding to make sure that there’s nutrition to help support recovery. Many people opt for a simple protein drink with about 30 to 40 g of protein. Then about an hour or two later there is a meal of 50% protein and 30% carbs and 20% fats. This can go a long way in the labeling the trainee to get the results they want in their fitness goals.

Michael Metchikian NASM,CNS,CES CPT

Michael trains his clients in his private fitness studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. He believes  and practices in many disciplines of fitness and health. He believes in giving the client the utmost attention care and proper guidance. The True Way,  Michael believes in having someone reach their fitness goals, is through one-on-one instruction and motivation.