As a personal fitness trainer and owner of a private studio. I am always approached with people coming to me to improve their fitness. Even though their goals might be to lose weight, become pain-free in a certain area, or improve their health. A fitness professional  has to take the account that everybody is different and has special needs. In my private studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. I am always looking to improve my clients goals by educating myself towards different exercises and routines to help them achieve their fitness goals.

As I go to many gyms in the area, I noticed many personal trainers giving their workouts simple routines that really are not designed for them. The reason I could say this is when their clients move you have tremendous issues with their muscles, exercise form and control for starters. And these clients have been training for quite a while. If this was the not the case. Their clients will be moving a lot more with control and stability. It is the classic example of useless routines and throwing exercises at  clients just to get them through a workout.

One of my commitments to my clients is to assess and find weaknesses in my clients movement. And address those weaknesses and correct them. Actually every time a client moves. It’s a sort of assessment that can tell you how much control they have over exercise. Once a fitness professional finds the issue and problem. They should have the expertise and experience to give their client and exercise to correct the problem.


As all my clients. 40% of my work is done for physical rehabilitation and correction of my clients movement. In every workout for as long as they have been with me. This sort guarantees my client that they will make progress be at whatever the goals are. To get stronger, more flexible, have greater stability or be able to perform an intense exercise session.