Personal fitness trainers today are pressured too much into weight loss or body aesthetic goals. As a personal fitness trainer and a weight-loss specialist, most of my clients who seek my help have many issues that they are not aware of. Someone who comes to me with the goals of losing body fat or toning up their arms might have more underlying issues or postural distortions that can prohibit them from achieving their fitness goals. That’s why it is very important for personal trainers to be knowledgeable on balancing a client’s body. This way, the client can withstand a strenuous workout without getting injured. Basically, this comes down to having your client do specialized physical rehabilitation work instead of just muscle building work or intense calorie burning workouts.

It all starts with an assessment. All my clients that come to see me have back issues, hip tightness, and general musculoskeletal pain. These problems have to be addressed before the strenuous exercise comes into the equation. By assessing the client, personal trainers learn about their clients’ weaknesses. Addressing these problems guarantees that the client will have fewer injuries in the future. Of course, no one can guarantee this, but playing it safe is the key.

In my personal training practice in Boca Raton Florida, I make sure my clients have a full assessment, and I work on their weak areas. Stabilizing and making the shoulder girdle more functional. Strengthening the lumbar pelvic hip area, or also better known as the core to ensure a more stable and functional back, which means very little pain. I also help them work on the kinetic chain to make it work as one.

After a few workouts of these protocols, then only the client can focus on working on their fitness goals. Effectively, safely and with fun and confidence.

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