As an at-home personal fitness trainer who specializes in corrective exercise and performance, I come across many people who have pain, especially when they move or try to exercise. This is a very common problem today, because many people have trouble finding someone who can rehabilitate and rebalance the body. Today’s physical therapy centers are outdated and have poor success rates. Physical therapy is an old model that has not been modernized towards today’s current standards. The result is many people are unable to reach success in their fitness goals. This may be why many fitness trainers fail with their clients; because they don’t have the knowledge and/or skill to rehabilitate their clients.

Today science is changing all that confusion and guess-work. There is a new protocol available to help people become pain-free through a series of neurological tests that help the fitness practitioner find the cause of the pain and imbalance. This protocol is called Neuro-Kinetic Therapy or NKT for short.

NKT is an amazing system used to diagnose body imbalances and pain issues. This protocol uses many different types of neurological tests which are performed manually by the practitioner.  The NKT protocols enable the practitioner to establish relationships with muscles, scars and different movement patterns to determine the source of the pain and/or dysfunction. It is a test and a fix at the same time. Typically, follow-up exercises “homework” are given to the client to be performed after the session, as directed by the practitioner.

Here are some of the issues NKT can help with:

  1. Neck pain, headaches, loss of range of motion
  2. Jaw pain, sinus issues, breathing problems, TMJ
  3. Hyoid bone issues, which when misaligned can cause a change in movement patterns and/or misalignment leading to pain in other parts of the body
  4. Shoulder issues such as rotator cuff pain, loss of range of motion with arms, weakness and/or numbness down arm and hands, scapular dyskinesis (sick scapula) which may may attribute to 76%-100% of all athletes with shoulder injuries
  5. Dysfunctional diaphragm, which is very common, causing a loss of proper breathing mechanics altering proper body mechanics leading to dysfunctional movement
  6. Past scars and medical procedures that still downregulate movement and cause faulty movement patterns leading to pain and injury. For example, tattoos and belly rings can cause havoc on proper body movement
  7. Back pain, SI joint pain, especially sciatica altered gait pattern misalignments (walking) that prevent one from exercising and living an active lifestyle
  8. Hand and elbow issues, such as tennis elbow and wrist pain Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  9. Hip, thigh, and knee pain such as meniscus tears, knee stiffness, and instability
  10. Joint replacements and medical procedures that have not been performed correctly or Physical Therapy that has “failed”
  11. Undetermined issues that most doctors or therapists can not solve, mainly due to poor movement assessment. 

   There are many other issues that NKT can help with, these are just some basics.


My Five Way Fitness program uses NKT with modern physical therapy to help clients move pain-free. We all want to become strong and fit at any age. This is accomplished through careful evaluation and examination using NKT and other diagnostic exams. Then, by applying a rehabilitation program with stability and strength training protocols all in one, work-out sessions are very results-producing and very effective.

One must experience a session to feel and notice change in movement and reduction in pain. I encourage my clients to empower themselves to make gains in their personal health and movement journeys.


Michael Metchikian NASM, CPT, CES, PRT, NKT Level 3

Michael services the Broward and Palm Beach Area. He uses many protocols to help his clients become pain-free and exercise correctly. Private studio available and at-home personal fitness training offered.