1. Drinking enough water before your workout. Many times I come across my clients forgetting to drink water during the day or especially before workout. Water is a very important component in an exercise program. We need water for every process that take place in our bodies. Mostly important in the fitness program, it is important to be properly hydrated before you partake in a fitness program. The body is not properly hydrated. A client could run into being dehydrated, low stamina and endurance and often happens they cannot finish their exercise program in the pace necessary to make progress. As a in-home personal trainer. I find that my clients are not properly hydrated which can lead into a lot of complications during a workout being properly hydrated especially with water. Helps the body maintain the proper balance of fluids, electrolytes and important minerals that can help in a successful exercise program.
  2. Not having enough nutrition before your workout is also an important factor that I try to teach my clients to do before an exercise program. Being properly nourished before exercise program goes a long ways in the client having enough nutrition to help them exert the proper amount of energy in a fitness program. As a personal trainer I often recommend that a client eat a small meal an hour to an hour and a half before the training session. Eating simply such as a banana, yogurt or healthy cereal goes a long way towards exercise results.
  3. Sleep is a key component in exercise success. Many of my clients do not get the proper sleep they should daily I try to teach them the importance of a good night’s restful sleep. Sleep is very important not only that it helps the nervous system recharge and rebuild itself but also helps the various hormones in the body aligned themselves properly. Everyone has different sleep needs. But across the board’s getting 6 to 8 hours is a great recommendation towards fitness success. One of my clients in Boca Raton, Florida has a very active lifestyle. So what I have done is taught her to take to 15 minute naps per day so that she may recharge our nervous system and rebuild a recuperation powers
  4. Practice how to relax during the day is important part of a healthy lifestyle. Learning how to meditate or just quietly sitting there for 5 to 10 minutes goes a long way in reducing your stress. An example I can give is one of my clients in Delray Beach, Florida. She was always on the go with her business matters. I tried to teacher how to control her energy levels. Manage your stress relaxation and breathing. Also being aware for her to conserve your energy throughout the day. This takes practice but is very worth it.
  5. Having an optimistic view of life is something that we should all have. As a personal fitness trainer I’m always looking for new ways to help my clients be more positive and grateful for what they have during the day. Having a relaxed and positive outlook helps the body relax and rebuild in the times that are away from exercise. It is important just to be able to have a positive outlook on life and to be open about what life has to offer and the new health benefits that are coming your way through exercise and nutrition.

Michael Metchikian CPT,CES,NASM

Michael works  with clients privately in their homes or the gems of their choice In the Boca Raton and Delray Beach, Florida area. He  teaches many different scopes of exercise. He is dedicated to getting his clients pain free, strong, and bringing back the energy they had in their youth. His main goal is to help his clients lead active and full lives.