As an at-home personal trainer who specializes in weight loss and the Boca Raton and Delray Beach area. I have been very successful with my weight loss clients working with a food journal. Not only is it important to record the progress you make with a fitness program. It is important to record what you eat and when you eat it on a daily basis. This is where the five way fitness food journal comes in handy. As a personal fitness trainer. I have tried many ways to teach my clients and hold them accountable with their nutritional intake. Having a food journal gives me the opportunity to see what foods they are eating and when they are eating. A food journal holds the client accountable for the actions that are taking when they eat. By keeping records the client and I can monitor their food intake. This way the client can learn what foods that are good for them. What foods more hurt their progress. Also foods that are neutral to them. Of course we want to eat foods that will only help them with their weight loss goals. So just as important as train training is on a weight loss program. Because strength training preserves muscle mass during weight loss. It is important for the fitness trainer to monitor daily caloric intake along with other macronutrients.

  1. Food journals are a great tool when the client can learn what they’re doing wrong on a day-to-day basis. Working with fitness trainer they can be advised and given options that are healthy for them. Which will ensure that they are making progress towards that weight loss goals.
  2.  Food journals called the client accountable for their eating action. Everything is written out on a daily basis. if the personal trainer sees that the client is not making enough progress in the weight loss. They could always turn to the food journal to see where the client has over eaton or in some cases missed meals.
  3.  Food journals also help clients with their punctuality of the meal timing. This meaning of the client misses a meal. Their sugar levels can drop. Ending in the client overindulging in the next meal. This happens to all of us. The best way to corrected is to have a food journal that shows what time the client has eaten.
  4.  Food journals enable clients to keep and recorded their food on a daily basis.This helps the client becoming more habitual and learn good eating habits. Once the client makes positive changes in their eating habits and choices along with what time they eat on a consistent basis. They form positive habits that can help them overcome bad food choices.
  5.  Food journals teach clients how to prepare their meals ahead of time. This way they always ready for the next meal and is no guess work. Working along with a fitness trainer that specializes in weight loss and menu options. The client feels empowered that they can make positive decisions with their eating habits.

In my five way fitness weight loss program. my clients receive a personalized food journal. Which has room not only for the food to be ledger. Also the exercises performed in an index of healthy food choices. Along with measurements, weekly weight goals and pictures. The clients see their progress in front of them. This helps them become more motivated and inspired towards their weight loss goals.