Being efficient and productive in the workplace is a major problem these days. More and more company employees are losing their high level performance in the workplace. Not be able to do your job efficiently because of health reasons is a common problem today. This problem not only hurts the employee because they can’t progress to a higher level. Also the company loses money and valuable time because of the employees poor health and fitness levels. I would like to share some examples how employees can benefit by taking better care of themselves in and out of the workplace. This will not only help the employee become a better worker and maybe move up to another level. This also helps the company be more productive and efficient and grow.

  1. Rest is very important to anyone that wants to be efficient at their job or in the workplace. Getting the proper rest helps to invigorate the employee. Rest improves concentration levels. It helps with the employee focused at the task at hand. Not getting enough sleep affects concentration levels and problem solving abilities. No matter what kind of work the employee’s do such as an office job, managerial skills or labor. Rest can definitely help with the job being done more efficiently. Stress is a major problem in the workplace. Getting enough sleep so your body can recharge is very important.
  2.  Proper nutrition is the key in the workplace. Eating a healthy diet can help an employee be more efficient at their job.The employee can bring some Tupperware filled with proper nutrition to the workplace. Such as a healthy snack maybe a fruit and some nuts. Bringing a pre prepared lunch of grilled chicken, some vegetables and a good carbohydrates such as rice can go a long way towards keeping sugar levels balanced. This way the employee can maintain proper sugar levels throughout the day. Giving them more energy and focus to complete their work and task. Smaller snacks throughout the day can help maintain sugar levels.
  3.  Staying properly hydrated throughout the day is a problem with many office or manual work laborers. Dehydration is one of the major problems for losing focus at the workplace. Also feeling tired and hungry is a common symptom of dehydration. Keeping a water bottle close at hand and sipping it throughout the day is highly recommended.
  4.  Getting up every hour or so to move around is a great trick to help keep energy levels up and concentration levels at their peak. As a personal fitness trainer I give this advice to a lot of company employees. Getting up and moving around for 2 to 3 minutes every hour is a great trick to help the employee feel invigorated and energized. I suggest every hour doing 8 to 10 chair squats to help the blood flow to your lower body and energize it. Also doing some shoulder shrugs and some deep breathing exercises can help tremendously with bringing back focus, concentration and invigorate the body.
  5.  Losing a few pounds can help tremendously with energy levels and endurance in the workplace. In my at-home personal training business in Boca Raton. I often work with clients or executives or warehouse managers that need more energy. I have devised a weight loss program that is very simple and effective. Even a 5 pound weight loss can have a significant effect on the employee’s health and endurance levels.
  6.  As a personal fitness trainer that works with executives. I always get complaints of employees having bad backs or other aches and pains in their bodies. I have invented a simple exercise and rehabilitation program to help employees become pain-free. Back problems are very common with the executives or employees who sit down all day. Along with shoulder problems and neck problems from using the computer is a very common problem today. What I have done is devised the program that strengthens these issues along with the whole body. Making the employee pain-free and more efficient at doing their job.
  7.  Meditation or some form of a relaxation for 2 to 5 minutes every few hours helps tremendously with restoring energy levels and focus to employees. Having someone come in the workplace and teaching meditation is a very good idea that can help employees become better workers. Meditation is excellent for stress and restoring energy levels in the body.
  8.  Engaging in an exercise program is very important for an employee. Many workplaces have lunch time fitness classes or have for a fitness center. Strength, training, using aerobic machines, taking cardio classes or doing just a general stretching routine can work miracles to help an employee become more efficient and happy in the workplace.
  9.  Having a incentive program that commends and recognizes employees for putting in the extra effort and a fitness and nutrition can help employees have a better attitude towards their work and themselves. Having a monthly award to an employee who has lost a significant amount of weight(weight loss Program), has been consistent with an exercise and nutrition program or has started a new program for fitness and health is a great idea. Management recognizing that their employees are taking responsibility for the health and fitness shows the employees that they care about their well-being. This brings in better work progress and returns to the management and company. As a personal fitness trainer. I often go to companies and set up nutrition and exercise programs pertaining to the company’s goals and needs.
  10.  A proper workplace attitude can be achieved through the employee’s becoming more fit and healthy. As the employees become more healthy and notice the progress they have made through a healthy lifestyle change. They will feel better about themselves. Which can change the workplace environment to a more positive, fun and progressive atmosphere.

Practicing any of these 10 suggestions would help the employee and the management become more efficient at making progress in the workplace. In the end what we have here is a healthy and productive employee and the company that is growing towards their goals.