As a personal trainer that specializes in adults or the elderly. I am always trying to better my skills  to help my clients lead active and pain free lifestyles. One example, I can offer is Judy from Boca Raton, Florida. She had issues with mobility and lower body strength. Her attitude to improve was very inspirational to me.

After I assessed her. I found out her hips were very tight. She had a history of falls and slips. Also she had trouble getting up off the sofa and dinner table. I set her up on a very specific mobility and strength program, She enjoyed the workout session and progressed at a very fast pace. I always made sure the workout were safe and progressive. She was so happy with here results that we increased the workouts from 2 sessions to 3 weekly. She really enjoys me coming to here home. In home personal trainer give the client a great, effective workout and save the client travel time.

She always points out to me the increase in energy and confidence in here daily routine. She is very happy with her fitness program.