If you’ve ever worked with a personal fitness trainer before, you’ll notice the difference in Michael Metchikian’s methods right away. As a certified personal trainer, he means business when it comes to getting his clients in shape. But he also makes each workout fun through his motivational/coaching approach. He’s tough when it comes to reaching goals but infuses each fitness session with his trademark positivity and upbeat style—and his clients get results and a body they can be proud of.

Michael has played just about every sport and understands the human body’s potential for fitness through his extensive experiences as a competitive bodybuilder, record-holding weight lifter, and fitness trainer. Today, he applies his passion for physical fitness, his interest in sound nutrition, and modern science—along with his natural teaching abilities—to his specialty in designing custom fitness regimens and weight loss programs for men and women ages 40 and up.

“I work you up to a level you never thought you could attain. You’re here to work, not play, so I don’t let anyone off the hook!”


Michael Metchikian graduated from Bloomfield College in New Jersey with a B.S. in Exercise and Nutrition. Also, Michael Metchikian is a member of the American Council on Exercise and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He is certified by the NASM as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), and Senior Fitness Specialist (SFS). NeuroKinetic (NKT) Therapist level 3, McLoughlin Scar Tissue Therapist, Postural Restoration Institute Therapist


  • Optimum performance training for seniors
  • Optimum performance training for youth
  • Optimum performance training for the prenatal client
  • Integrated core training
  • Integrated flexibility training
  • Weight management specialist


  • American Council on Exercise-certified personal trainer
  • National Fitness Trainers Association 3rd class personal trainer
  • Bally’s health and tennis level 4 personal trainer
  • TRX suspension trainer
  • Russian kettlebell coach
  • American Heart Association CPR/AED (defibrillation).

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“In all honesty, I didn’t choose my profession; it chose me.”

Although Michael’s early interests were in the fine arts and sciences, he started going out for sports in junior high school: football, basketball, wrestling, baseball, and track. The required practice and determination, the discipline, and the work ethic were a perfect fit for him. At age 13, he was introduced to gym workouts; he became hooked and ever since then, has rarely missed a daily workout.

Michael studied exercise and nutrition in college and became a record-holding New Jersey state powerlifting champion and a collegiate All-American power lifter and competitive bodybuilder. He went into health club management for several years and later moved to fitness training; he discovered he was a natural as a teacher, especially when it came to exercise, and found his true passion. He now works as an in-home personal trainer, as well as one in gyms to help his clients reach their fitness goals wherever they are most comfortable.

In addition to physical fitness and fitness training, Michael Metchikian is passionate about healthy eating and good nutrition and worked for a time in the restaurant business. He is a gourmet chef who enjoys preparing delicious, low-carbohydrate, low-fat, or vegetarian food that’s good for the body and brings nutrition into the fitness picture for many of his clients. He also does live cooking demonstrations on television, right from his pro-level kitchen.

As a strong advocate of good health and a student of healthy lifestyle changes and behaviors, Michael also gives presentations on various aspects of exercise and nutrition as well as motivational lectures to help people see the possibilities and benefits of getting and staying in shape.

“I believe we can all achieve our dreams and goals in life. We can fail over and over and still achieve. One thing that can stop us is our health. When we get sick, our bodies are saying ‘you are not paying attention to me. Now you have to hold your dreams for a while and concentrate on me.'”

Michael continues his studies on exercise, nutrition, and the human body, and brings his passion and insights to every workout for each and every client. His mission is to help his Boca Raton and Delray clients feel better, be healthier, and have less pain and more energy and happiness in their lives as a result

NKT services Boca Raton