More and more people are being active at a later stage in their lives. This is very encouraging news to hear. It can inspire more and more to start an exercise program at any age, This is a good choice. Exercise is the foundation of health for many. Getting started is the first step. One major obstacle to overcome is that as we age, our bodies move incorrectly. Unbalanced bodies lead to postural problems, faulty movement patterns, overuse injuries, and pain. We all have it but because we don’t recognize it we don’t do the right exercises. We end up with pain and because we have pain we don’t do exercise.

The answer to fitness success for everyone is to start a program that helps you become pain-free from old injuries and imbalances. The solution is to find a corrective exercise specialist ( Personal Fitness Trainer)  that helps people overcome their movement and pain issues  At the same time helping them gain back their fitness and health.

My story: I have been a  fitness trainer doing At-Home personal training for over 30 years.  The major issues I address are caused by incorrect movement patterns and pain. One can’t start an exercise program when they have movement imbalances and/or pain. It needs to be addressed and corrected ASAP. Rehabilitation is the key.

This is where NeuroKinetic Therapy is the answer. NKT for short is a proven diagnostic tool. A personal trainer or physical therapist can use NKT to help them find out the cause of pain and improper movement. This form of modern physical therapy can help the client reach their fitness goals in a shorter amount of time. Everyone needs a Physical Therapy program in their fitness workout. Because we are always moving and our bodies are adapting to compensate and adjust. Most of the time, these adjustments are compensations from misaligned muscles and structure.

The secret is a program that has two major points.

One is a rehabilitation component to it.

A. Finding out why and how the clients’ pain and improper movement is causing them to exercise incorrectly.

B. Setting up a program to help the client move properly and eliminate pain.

Two is combining the rehabilitation program along with a fitness program.

A. Setting up a program that helps the client move more efficiently and pains free.

B. Helping the client get overall muscular strength and endurance.

C. Adjust the clients’ program as needed to help them avoid and overcome plateaus.

These two major points are the key to a well-rounded fitness program.

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