As a in-home personal trainer in the Delray Boca Raton, Florida area. The most requests I get from new clients is weight loss. As many more Americans are becoming overweight. It is the number one reason why personal fitness trainers are hired. At home personal training is very different than in the fitness center personal training. Fitness centers usually accommodate hundreds of people towards the same goals. They are overcrowded. Very fast-paced places.

Now at home personal training is very different. You are in your own private home. There is no one around you to disturb you or to Intimidate. Just the client and the personal fitness trainer. I would like to give three positive examples of why at home personal training has its advantages over a large fitness center.

  1. When you are at home. It’s not a intimidating atmosphere. Many people don’t want a competitive atmosphere. They want to reach their goals in the privacy of their own homes and they do not need large crowds of other gym members that have the same goals. Many fitness centers make weight loss a competitive program. That’s fine. It doesn’t work for many. The idea is to lose it and keep it off. Not to win a contest who loses the most weight. First I don’t think that psychologically healthy and int the best interest for the client. It might be good for the results for the fitness center or to personal trainer. Here we are talking about the client’s and their needs.
  2.  Weight loss is a very personal matter. It could be done safely, effectively and with fun in a private setting. Most gyms that have weight loss programs are actually a competition. This can be very intimidating to many clients. Because it does not have the client’s best interest in mind. I believe working in a private setting with a motivated, knowledgeable, and understanding personal trainer has more advantages than being in a big fitness center where it is a show.
  3.  Working out at home with a personal fitness trainer. Saves time traveling, Also in the long run it is more beneficial to the client. Because the client gets to really interact with the personal trainer on a more private setting. In the gyms this too many distractions and even though one might think that you get to know your personal trainer and develop a relationship with them. It just cannot be as personal as it would be at home. Having a personal relationship with your fitness trainer is very important. First the chemistry enables the client to learn much more about themselves. How exercise works for weight loss. And the benefits of weight loss in the long run.
  4.  When you see the commercials about weight loss programs. They make it seem like it’s a very easy and simple task. Weight loss takes patience, understanding and ability to motivate in times where the client does not have success and needs support morally to help them break out of their mindset and routine to lose weight. It’s just a show and once it’s over. Many people don’t accomplish it. And since there is always a prize in these programs. Most of the clients are left out like athletic events.

I am more concerned about the passionate side and caring side of weight loss. I don’t believe it should be a contest because afterwards the chances of putting back on the weight percentages are very high. As one famous weight loss personal trainer said.” Weight loss is like a one night stands”. Once it’s over there is nothing to look forward to. The real advantage to weight loss success is the experience the client gets daily towards reaching their weight loss goals.