As a personal fitness trainer in the weight-loss specialist. I am always looking to improve myself in regards to my education and experience. My businesses training people one-on-one. Giving them personalized attention. Making sure did to all the exercises correctly. Working on balancing their bodies so that they are injury free and pain-free through movement. Always mixing up the program to keep it interesting and fun for my clients. And also working at a level that the comfortable with so that they can improve.

All these factors that I just mentioned are not possible to be done in a fitness class or boot  camp settings. Fitness classes revolve around lots of people doing the same thing. There’s no correction on form or technique. The instructor just pushes them harder and harder as the class goes along. This is very dangerous. For many reasons. Let me explain some of them. In boot camps or fitness classes the strongest survive. Meaning people that are not in shape are not prepared to take the class and they will overdo or overexert themselves leading to injury or over exhaustion. The instructor cannot pay attention to a group of people doing exercises. Many of the clients will be doing exercises with bad form because the instructor cannot get to them the correct their form and function. As I was talking to one of my clients in her  home studio in Fort Lee, New Jersey. We were discussing how dangerous group training can be. She also gave an example of where she was the class and her lower back started hurting. She could not stop because she would’ve looked like she gave up and also disrupted the class. She kept on going and injured her back. It took her a month to heal. This is a very good example of what goes on in 40% of boot camps or fitness classes.

In my private fitness studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. I make sure that all my clients are trained properly the result producing exercises done with meticulous form and technique.