As at home personal fitness trainer who specializes in fitness programs for adults who have pain issues, joint replacements, Parkinson’s disease, and have lost mobility.

Not be able to properly and have  overall body weakness can affect a person tremendously. It could alternate their lifestyle. Making them less mobile. This leads to a sedentary lifestyle. All complications can be prevented. The key is fined a fitness professional who specializes at getting people out of pain and rehabilitating them properly.

Most people with pain have tried physical therapy with no success.. They are sent to physical therapy locations which are recommended and prescribed by doctors. Modern medicine has taken this up one further by having fitness professionals experts  that are very qualified in  helping people overcome their adversities when it comes to pain and movement.

In my at home personal fitness training practice in Boca Raton Florida. I specialize in physical rehabilitation programs that are also incorporated with a fitness program. The reason why just works more efficiently and effectively. Physically rehabilitating a certain area is more successful with a complete overall body fitness program.

Most physical therapy centers only work on the area of the doctor’s prescribed . This is where the problem is and why many people don’t have success with a physical therapy. Five way fitness has a special program that incorporates physical therapy in the modern era along with General fitness to complement the whole program.

This is an exciting time where are physical therapy is really being upgraded and changed for the better. The key is the final modern physical therapist that has many protocols hope you get out of pain and back to moving. Living and active and productive lifestyle.