Walking is the universal exercise science. It is the second most important thing we do men mechanically. The first is breathing. There are many advantages to walking as I will explain. As a personal fitness trainer. I am constantly watching people walking and moving. Especially adults. What I have noticed is the improper movement patterns and postural distortions on adults. This a correct technique to walking which I will also go over.

First I would like to go over the advantages of walking.

  1. Walking in your normal daily routine does not count as exercise. One should take the time for about 20 to 30 minutes and practice walking. There certain body mechanics and techniques that a walker has to learn to walk properly and effectively. If bad form and technique is performed during walking. These compounds the problem of more in balances to the body. It is sizable to seek a health professional such as a personal fitness trainer that is educated and walking mechanics.
  2.  Walking is not only good for the body but also the mind. Many people choose to listen to music while they walk. I would advise walking without any music or headphones. This will enables the walker to concentrate on form and function. It’s also good for the mind to clear yourself of any thoughts as you walk. Psychologically this has a calming and relaxing effect. Which is good for the body. It’s not always good to keep the mark always active as the body. Walking enables the person to clear their thoughts, exert themselves properly so they do get some health benefits.
  3.  Being outside and walking in nature is ideal on a walking program. Now if you live in the city that’s another story. I’ll assume that you live in a neighborhood where there are trees, grass and peaceful surroundings. Walking around serene places has tremendous benefits for the mind and the body.
  4.  Many athletes and active people use walking as a way to burn extra calories. At the same time though not exerting themselves in their chosen sport or activity. Bodybuilders use walking as a way to rev up the metabolism and burn calories without over exerting themselves. This way they could save their energy with the weightlifting they practice. Along with a proper diet walking is great for burning extra calories. Walking is excellent for a weight loss program.
  5.  There is a form and technique components to walking. Walking on a regular basis helps alleviate back pain and joint pain. There are many therapies that focus on walking to even alleviate pain in the back and joints. The key is the form and technique.

At my in-home personal training business in Boca Raton Florida. I have my clients practice proper walking techniques. This way they could implement a walking program outside of our one-on-one personal training sessions. Here are five keys to a proper walking.

  1. While walking push off your toes. Many walkers strike too hard on the heel and forget to push off their toes. Just like running this house with the acceleration of the movement. Even though it’s done at a slower pace.
  2.  Using a long stride. With a long stride more of you Google muscles are being used. This helps with strengthening the glutes which helps with power and mobility. Many people that have back pain have weekly real muscles. Ace longer stride can help strengthen includes and eliminate back pain.
  3.  Keeping your legs together. Many adults have this problem they walk with their feet too far apart. One of the reasons this happens is because they have weak adductors(inside muscle legs) and tight and overactive IT band issues. Keeping your legs together is one of the ways this problem can be overcome for starters.
  4.  Moving your shoulders is very important and walking. Most walkers move their arms not their shoulders. One of the ways to practice this is to keep your hands in your pockets. This way your shoulders have to rotate properly when you’re practicing walking.
  5.  Focusing on the horizon. This means while walking keep your head straight. Looking down is not recommended. It’s bad for the neck and misaligned the whole body improperly. So just keep your chin up and you’ll be fine.

As an at-home trainer I recommend walking to my clients for their weight loss programs. Now living in Boca Raton or Delray Beach has tremendous advantages. First of all Florida sunny. In Boca Raton and Delray Beach a beautiful places with lots of great scenic routes. So my clients are very lucky to get outside and do some walking. As a personal fitness trainer I sometimes join them after our one-on-one sessions.