Today I got a call from a woman who was interested in my services as a personal trainer. She made an appointment to come down to my private fitness studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey.

When she arrived I was really surprised at her age. She was 83 years old. Now mind you this is not the first time that I have met someone that wants to use my services as a personal trainer at that age. 60% of my clients are over the age of 70. They see the value in a personal fitness trainer. This is very rewarding. That I can help someone, keep their strength, balance and confidence. There is no magic in my program. Just a lot of education, motivation and also having the right feel to give the senior the proper exercises. Seniors need to perform these exercises with meticulous form, proper guidance and a watchful eye by a experienced fitness trainer.

This new client had warned me that she had a personal trainer. And she had a bad experience with our trainer. The trainer was a former bodybuilder. And she gave my client bodybuilding exercises. She didn’t want use machines. I also agreed with decision not to use the machines. Machines have a tendency to miss a line the user.. You’re pushing off the plane, so there is no stability or core usage. So we were on the same page. After her first session, she was very happy and felt very comfortable with my service.

The point I try to make into short article. Is that seniors and adults can benefit tremendously from a strength training program. The key is to find the proper fitness trainer with lot knowledge and experience to handle someone as delicate as a senior. Us personal fitness trainers are worth our weight in gold. But you have to find the one that fits the goals you’re interested in.