More and more Americans are obese today. Obesity is defined as a (BMI) Body Mass Index of over 30%. Most diseases are usually complications from being overweight. Being overweight puts tremendous stress on hour bodies and organs. People are gaining more and more weight. Many make bad lifestyle choices. Because of a fast-paced society with work, family, and activities. Many people don’t take the time to educate themselves on how to buy and prepare nutritious food. Going out most of the time or ordering take out food is the answer.  Years of this type of poor nutrition leads to many health problems. Doctors advise us to start eating healthy. Getting an exercise program.  All this makes a lot of sense but many people ignore the health and weight problems and continue to go about their lives with paying attention to what they put into their bodies.

One big reason is the big fast-food companies who advertise millions of dollars trying to manipulate and encourage to eat fast food. Everywhere you look there is a sign or commercial about a burger, donut, soft drink or snack. Many people fall into this trap because they are not educated and fall into this trap. It’s really not there fault. They trust what they hear and see on the Television, internet, and radio. Our government tries to take outside but they are pushed by the big money fast-food chains and their lobbyist powers.

The answer to this problem is not easy. Take control of your health. Get responsible and take action. Start out with a few simple rules and build your health one day at a time. Here are some important suggestions take can change your life and health. Work on them and watch how your weight and health shifts to your favor.

  1. Start an exercise program. Walk daily for 20 minutes, Breath as your walk. Think of good things in your life. Feel your body come alive.
  2. Eliminate all bad foods from our house. I know it’s hard. When start to crave those bad foods. They won’t be around, Have Faith.
  3. Go shopping and make the right food decisions to buy. Buy Fresh food, Nothing out of a can or box. Food that you have to cook to eat,
  4. Start drinking more water daily. Even a few glasses is a great start.
  5. Take a multi-vitamin supplement a few times a week.
  6. Bring your own lunch to work. Plus your eat what you like and save some money,
  7. Try new recipes to add variety. Uses spices to increase flavor and taste in your meals.
  8. Don’t give up if you go off the wagon. Just relax and get back on a healthy meal next time.
  9. Try to find the time for relaxation and to de-stress from life.
  10. Go take to your doctor about this program and see if he has any more suggestions for you.

The simple bog is written, so I can be motivated and inspire overweight men and women to start a sound nutrition program along with an exercise routine.


Michael Metchikian NASM, CPT, NKT  Is an at-home fitness trainer and weight loss specialist who works in the Boca Raton area of Florida. He is an expert in pain-free movement, joint replacement rehabilitation, Sports performance and Weight loss for adults.