As a in-home personal trainer who specializes in weight loss in Boca Raton, Florida. I have tried many different routines and programs to help my clients with their weight loss issues. Of course, one of the major components for weight loss is a sound nutrition program along with a healthy lifestyle. For now we are going to focus on the exercise component of weight loss.

Whole body workouts have great success in a weight loss program. When someone works the whole body in one personal training session. They are working every muscle.  When you work all the muscles in your body at once. You would be burning more calories than if you just  did body part training. Whole body workouts  are very strenuous and demanding.  It is advisable that the personal trainer starts out with less intensity, lighter loads and focuses primarily on technique and form. As the client reaches a high level of fitness. The personal fitness trainer can increase the intensity.

Whole body workouts are best done with the major muscle groups first. After warming up. Starting out with squats, lunges and step ups. Then progressing to back work such as dumbbell rows, pull downs and long pulley rows. Then chest and shoulder exercises such as dumbbell bench on the stability ball. Dumbbell laterals standing. And finishing off with some arm work such as dumbbell curls and tricep press downs. Adding some of abdominal work in between. As long as there is control throughout the workout and the resistance is right.  personal trainer can get creative with the whole body workout. There’s really no set rule. Mixing up the exercises to prevent boredom. And adjusting the technique and resistance accordingly to suit the client.

I have had much great success at my at-home personal training business with weight loss incorporating whole body workouts.