Today with all the different Health issues Americans are facing such as obesity, unaddressed injuries, or improperly rehabilitated surgeries. More and more Americans are noticing that they need to get their health back in check. Besides the Covid lockdown. Americans are still getting fatter and more out of shape than ever. The one good things are that adults are living longer than ever before because of the highly advanced medical technology available. As we age, we lose many of our abilities to be active, vibrant and continue to do what we like to do. One of these factors is muscles. Muscles are very important, especially as we age. Muscles are one of the key factors that determine living to an elderly leg. Who’s are responsible for many metabolic processes and also important in our daily lives. Here are a few examples of that.

  1. Muscular strength is very important for adults. Just determines the way we move properly, have the ability to move objects, take care of our daily needs such as grooming, feeding ourselves, and daily activities.
  2. Muscles are very important for metabolism. The more muscles we have at a later age dictate how healthy our metabolism is. Because when muscles contract that’s how we burn calories. So having a high metabolism is equivalent to having a higher percentage of muscular body weight.