Even though the benefits of exercise are very popular in the news media. More and more people are not implementing a structured exercise program into their lifestyle. Pretty much everybody knows the results of exercising and how healthy it is for one. There are hundreds of benefits of exercise. If only people knew how much they can improve on their health if they exercised on a weekly basis? Most people that have health issues would be surprised to learn that their current level of health can be improved. When they get into a structured exercise program. Sometimes even medication can be reduced or eliminated. Of course, this can only be done with the advice of a doctor or medical professional.

One type of exercise that can help young and older adults is strength training. Our muscles have an important effect on our health and well-being. One important indicator of healthy aging is having a proper amount of muscle mass as we age. The keyword is healthy. Not a Mr.Universe type of muscled body. There is a new type of medicine that is practiced by Doctors today called Musclec-entric Medicine. This is the concept that many health problems can be prevented or eliminated by making sure that people carry a healthy amount of muscle on their body frames. This is done through strength training on a weekly basis. There are many forms of strength training. It doesn’t have to be just old-fashioned weights. Resistance is the key. Remember, we are trying to activate the muscles through resistance. This is not a weightlifting competition. We want the benefits of strength.

  1. Rubber bands are a great way to strengthen the body. There are very challenging exercises that can help us become strong. Professional athletes use bands to help them build and maintain muscle strength. One great example is professional football quarterback, Tom Brady. Bands are his go-to for strength and mobility.
  2. Bodyweight Exercises. This form of strength training is very popular among athletes such as wrestlers, boxers, and track and field athletes. this type of training can be easily scaled down to be performed by just average fitness-minded people. Don’t be fooled though. It’s can be as difficult as any other fitness program.
  3. Machines are a great way to build muscles safely. Machines are ideal for strength gains. But they don’t require much balance or core activation. Machines can help build strength for the elderly.
  4. When working with a personal fitness trainer. Isometrics exercises can help with strength. These exercises are very safe because there is no movement involved. It would be recommended that a fitness professional would be present to help with joint alignment with isometric exercises.
  5. Using props like a stability ball, yoga blocks, or floor excise work can help build body strength.