In the fitness and exercise world there is a saying squats of the King to all exercises. That same holds true for many reasons. Squats are one of the oldest and most successful exercises ever used to help people become fit, athletic and align their bodies. As a personal fitness trainer in the Boca Raton and Delray Beach,Florida area. This is one of my go to exercises to all my clients. Now I do modify the exercise accordingly pertaining to the clients fitness levels. Squats are great exercises for the lumbar pelvic hip area( core) also legs and even the abdominals. Squats can do many things for you. It’s all how you set up the program according to your needs.

  1. Squats can help you build muscular legs. This is done through using heavy weights and repetitions of eight or under. Of course form is one of the most important keys to squatting successfully.
  2.  Squads can help you align your body. By a squatting assessment. A fitness trainer could assess the weak points during the movement. This by giving a prescription of exercises and stretches that will help you balance out the body. Making it easy for one to squat. An example of this if the needs turn inwards and the toes turn out words while performing squats. Simply put this means that the abductor muscles are tight and need to be stretch. The gluteus medius needs to be strengthened. This is really not a quick fix just an example.
  3.  Squats can help with developing explosive power and speed. It is a well-known fact that many sprinters use lots as one of their go to exercises for explosive power.
  4.  It can be turned into endurance exercise. One of the best ways to gain endurance because it’s a full body exercise. Doing 20 repetitions or higher will definitely work your cardiovascular system.
  5.  It’s a great calorie burner. Because it’s an overall body exercise. More and more muscles are being worked. Thus requiring more energy to be output. In return more calories are burned during the movement. It’s a great weight loss exercise. Highly recommended for a weight loss program.

Here are seven types of squats:

Barbell squats – these squads are done with a barbell placed behind the trainees had.

lunges – this is a very technical exercise where the trainee has their feet staggered and breaks both legs at 90° angles. It’s a very effective result producing exercise.

Pistol squats – This is another highly technical and advanced exercise. While keeping one leg straight extended the trainee lowers themselves down to a full squat. Usually their arms are Straight in front of them.

Goblet squats – This exercise the training holder dumbbell vertically as if it was a goblet or a glass of wine. Excellent exercise for variety.

Bodyweight squats – These are squats with arms extended in front of you. Great for beginners and also body control issues.

Prisoner squats – with your arms and back of the head elbows out while performing a basic squat. Excellent exercise for rehabilitation and postural control.

Dumbbell split squat (lunges)- this is an advanced exercise. Basically it’s a lunge with dumbbells held comfortably on hand.

The keys to performing the squad effectively is to have a personal fitness trainer that is very experienced in the movement. As for me out for a top five powerlifters in the nation for eight years. My powerlifting career help me gain tremendous education and how to teach and perform the squat. The squad is a kind of exercise that of its performed improperly it can cause tremendous problems to the body. Because it’s a very high technical movement. On the other hand, if done correctly it is a tremendous therapeutic effect to balance the body out and make it more functional In regards to exercise and movement.

My advice to anyone that wants to learn how to squad effectively. Is the higher a personal fitness trainer that has tremendous experience and how to teach squatting.