In my private studio, in Cliffside Park New Jersey. I get asked quite often on how much rest should the client get. Even though this is an individual question. Usually a person needs between five and seven hours of sleep daily. This is an average calculated during a given week. Rest is very important, muscles have to recover now only through nutrition but through a good nights rest. Also a lot of other processes that are important in a good night sleep. During the night here in Seoul levels adjust and are stabilized. People that sleep less have a high risk of becoming insulin resistant. Insulin resistance is very important for clients wants to stabilize their sugar levels and not gain any weight. So there’s another important part of a good night sleep.

As a personal fitness trainer I try to make sure I’m motivating my clients and keeping them educated on the importance of a good night sleep.

A good night sleep has to be habitual. So picking an early time that you get your time interest is important. It should be a routine.