As a personal fitness trainer in Delray Beach. I’m always asked the question of how to do an exercise properly. This is a very good question and it is important for me to answer it. I would like 1st to point out that as a personal trainer. When I’m training my clients. The most important thing that I concentrate on is that they are doing the exercise correctly. This means paying careful attention to every repetition. Giving them verbal cues on how to align and adjust the exercise to their bodies. If need be, I will stop my client momentarily. Then showing them by example the exercise we are working on. During weight loss programs. Many of my clients want to see changes in the shape of their muscle or improved muscularity. This can be done through loss of fat through a nutrition program. Which will show the true shape of the muscle void of fat.. Along with the muscle becoming more tight and firm. Here are a few cues that I use to help my clients stay with their form.

  1. Remember you are training the movement and not the muscle. It is very important to stay true to the form. Rather than adjusting so you could make the exercise feel more tension in a desired area. This will ultimately throw you off balance. Plus you are going more towards becoming a bodybuilder rather than having a balanced body. Bodybuilders are very popular with having unbalanced muscle groups and postural distortions.
  2.  The rep count. It is a very important to perform every repetition correctly. Taking your time. Use just the right cadence for the concentric movement( coming up) the eccentric (going down) and the isometric which is a hold wherever needed the top or bottom position.
  3.  Doing the movement slowly and controlled Is very important part of an exercise. This way there is no momentum or cheating. Only the muscles needed  to be placed under tension will be used.
  4.  Repetition timing. Changing the cadence of the rep is very importance. Like the example of the Squat. The client can goes down an account of 4 seconds. And come up with the count of 3 seconds. This ensures the training that there is no momentum and that they are using the muscle needed to squat.
  5.  Breathing properly. It is very important to breathe properly according to the exercise. Breathing repetitively can make one lightheaded. Also not getting enough breath after a few reps can do the same problem.
  6.  Choosing the right tension. This is a very important and probably the number 1 reason why people don’t perform the exercise correctly. Choosing a resistance that is proper for the movement is key.

Following these tips will ensure that you get the most out of every exercise.  Hiring a personal  fitness trainer to take you through a workout that ensures that you’re doing the exercises properly and efficiently. Is a sure way that you’ll make progress at a faster pace.