In my private fitness studio, in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. One of my biggest concerns is to work hard by paying close attention to my client’s form and technique. As I go to other fitness clubs. I notice almost 99% of the time, personal fitness trainers not paying attention to their client’s form and technique. This is one of the true signs that a trainer is not a hard worker. If he were he would stop the client. Demonstrate the proper technique and then have the client tried again. This is not the case.

Personal fitness trainers just let their clients off the hook when it comes to correcting their form. It just sets up for more problems in the future. Such as the client not getting the proper results. Feeling uncomfortable while doing the exercise, and of course the risk of getting injuries.

In my private personal fitness studio, I make sure that all my clients are properly warmed up and perform every exercise, so they can get the maximum effort and results. This is one of the true signs of a great reliable personal fitness trainer. It is very important to really be meticulous about form and function with clients. Many personal fitness trainers I see are just going through the motions. What they actually doing are running a client through a series of exercises. What they should be doing is paying attention to the movement rather than watch the clock all by.

Whether it is to put on muscle, weight loss or any fitness goal. It all starts with proper technique, form and a smart personal fitness trainer that is not afraid to work for you.