Today many people are hiring personal trainers to help them with the fitness or physical therapy programs. There is tremendous interesting seeking a personal trainers to help them accomplish the goals. One of the problems is the clients never ask for any qualifications, certifications, insurance or even referrals of past or present clients. This enables many unqualified personal trainers to get hired. The problem is that there is no controlling agency in the fitness industry. The clients can get hurt or injured. Many personal trainers just wasted a clients times because they don’t deliver results. The clients believe that they’re getting results. In reality that’s not the case. The clients could be getting better quality instruction and results. Here are some key points to remember when hiring a personal trainer.

  1. Does he have a website? If he has a website then you will find that a lot of information about then. Also the trainer’s specialty’s and accomplishments. Website is a reliable source of information to the client. It’s like a business card that has a resume.
  2. Does the personal trainer have current certifications or diploma’s? Ask to see their current certifications from the various fitness organizations. It Is very common knowledge to 90% of personal trainers don’t renew their certifications. Which they are not qualified to work in the industry.
  3. Is the personal trainer insured? This is very important. They should have at least the three men dollar insurance policy that is attached to the personal trainer certificate.
  4. CPR certified? With a personal trainer certificate. CPR has to be accompanied for the client to get his diploma. Life saving techniques are very important in the fitness industry.
  5. Referrals. Ask for a few referrals. Call clients and asked them how they feel about the personal trainer. This is very important.
  6. As a personal trainer what are his specialties? If your corrective exercise specialist? Weight loss specialist? Someone who works with people that are in pain-free such as physical therapy and corrective exercise movement? All these questions are very important for the success of the client and the rest of my take hiring the wrong trainer.

By asking these simple questions. Someone that is looking for the right trainer for them can save them themselves a lot of trouble and therefore money. Most gyms don’t ask for certifications or even insurance policies when they hire a personal trainer.. And if they do they never follow up yearly for the trainer to upgrade his Insurance and also his education certification through their organization.

Five Way Fitness trainers are held to a higher standard of excellence. Dale fully insured what the maximum Insurance policy will allow. They are certified every two years. Taking 3 to 4 continuing education classes yearly.

As a personal fitness trainer who goes to peoples homes in the Boca Raton in Delray Beach area of Florida. I take great pride in making sure that I am complete when it comes to my personal fitness training profession. As an at-home trainer it is very important to deliver results.

Michael Metchikian NASM, CPT, CES, NKT CNS

Michael is it at home personal trainer also goes to the apartment gyms in the Boca Raton Area Florida. His specialty is joint replacements. Helping people become fit and active by making them pain-free. His programs are very individualized. Careful attention is paid to assessments to the client.