More and more people today are looking to get back into shape. People of all ages are realizing the importance of staying healthy and fit. This is a good thing. Many people are joining gyms, fitness centers, private personal training studios, even buying videos and books to learn how to get fit and healthy. As a personal fitness trainer who specializes in getting people to be pain-free and then setting up a program where they could reach their fitness goals.  Most of the people that come to me for personal training usually have unresolved injuries or bad movement patterns.  During the assessment portion of my training program. I find many people that have very unhealthy shoulders. Either they’re not rehabilitated properly after a surgical procedure. Or past injuries from sports in their youth. Or just some basic muscle and balances through in purple movement. after a surgical procedure. Or past injuries from sports in their youth. Or just some basic muscle and balances through in purple movement. It is very important for the client to hire a personal trainer that has experience in rehabilitating certain areas of the body along with making everything work properly during movement. One of the most unresolved issues I see in who wants to start an exercise program is healthy shoulders. What I mean by this is.

  1. Shoulders that have problems with either dysfunctional or injured recovered muscles.
  2. Shoulder issues with bad movement patterns such as unbalanced scapula’s, weak upper back muscles, or even nerve impingements.
  3. Many times I notice people that have bad necks also have shoulder issues. And vice versa. The secret is Therapy Fitness for long-term fitness progress.
  4.  Many of my clients have dysfunctional hips that lead to shoulder problems. This is very common.
  5. Also, many times through my assessments I find that many shoulder problems I just compensations from just different areas of the body as far as the opposite foot or opposite jaw.

As an at-home corrective exercise specialist, one of the tools I use to help me assess and diagnose some of these faulty movement problems is called Neurokinetic therapy. NKT is a marvelous protocol that helps the practitioner diagnose NKT is a protocol that the therapist uses to build relationships with muscle, ligaments, and movement patterns that could be associated with a faulty movement pattern. Once the relationship with muscles is established. The practitioner knows exactly what muscles to release and what muscles to activate. By doing this they reestablish the proper moving pattern in the brain. Which is printed by daily exercises.  Which over time the body remembers the correct movement pattern again.

It is very important for a personal trainer to be able to have skills that can help the client balance their bodies. Because only then can they make progress properly without the risk of injury or creating more pain as they move.

Michael Metchikian NASM, CPT, CES, NKT 3, PRI

Michael practices in Broward and Palm Beach County in South Florida. He has a private studio, along with making house calls to work on their clients in their homes, private gyms, and apartment complexes.

Michael uses a variety of protocols to help him assess and treat people with that movement patterns and pain related to exercise and daily activities.