As personal fitness trainer and the owner of a private fitness studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. Once a new client comes in to start up on their journey to getting healthy and fit. One of the assessments I do is on the ankles. Ankles are very important in movement. For many reasons. First were always on them and their connected to her feet. Lots of times they dictate how the body is moving properly or improperly. Many legs exercises start out with the ankles. So it is very important for a personal trainer to watch the ankle movement on the clients exercises.  as fitness professionals we are always assessing how one moves. All exercises are great examples of how the body is  functioning in regards to movement. One of my favorite  areas that I help people out is an ankle health Period

As I was talking to one of my clients in her fitness studio in Fort Lee, New Jersey. We were talking how much problems she was having with her ankles. She was not able to squat properly, her hips would shift to different directions when doing other exercises such as lunges or step ups. And through my assessment, it was the ankles that she was having problems with. Once we corrected the problem, she was pain-free in other areas such as her knees, hips and, lower back. All the issues that she was having with those areas went away and she was able to now work on strengthening our body properly and also getting the results you wanted with her figure.

The ankle joint is primarily for mobility. If it’s not mobile it can cause stress on other joints such as the knees and hips. It is very important to have ankles that are properly functioning. There are many ways that a personal fitness trainer can help a client with their ankles. Believe it or not even simple calf raises that help strengthen and develop the calf muscle can help with proper ankle mobility. Other exercises such as creating a stable surface where the client has their shoes off and is on a foam pad and they work on balancing one leg at a time so they could maintain mobility and stability. Other ways are with rubber bands. Personal fitness trainers can get really creative on creating a program that can help the client with their ankle issues. It’s  just takes education, a good eye and interest to help the client move properly. Just remember we trained the movements and not the muscle.