In my private studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, I am often asked why do I include gluteal activation exercises in my personal training sessions.  Glueal activation is very important in the whole system of how our bodies work. As a personal fitness trainer, it is my responsibility not only to work my clients safely, with results. Also one of my responsibilities is to continue to make sure that their bodies are working as a unit.

Making sure that the gluteal function properly and fire at the right time during an exercise is a very important component for success in fitness training. If the glueal msulces  fire improperly, other muscles take over to do the work, which can lead to injury and missed workouts. As a personal fitness trainer I always include at least two exercises that work the rear muscles(Gluteal) so they can be balanced out with the rest of the lumbar pelvic hip complex. Gluteal activation is a key component to having a strong core and avoiding injury. I see many personal trainers that do not include glutela ctivation exercises in their programs; I see this as a big mistake in exercise programming.

Personal fitness trainers could take their clients to another level by making sure that their muscles are firing properly, especially the glutei muscles.