As an at-home personal trainer who specializes in personal training and physical therapy for people who have disabilities, brain injuries or medical conditions. Starting a structured and organized exercise program is very important for people who have medical conditions, disabilities, and have experienced some brain trauma. After the doctor has released the patient from the hospital and they have followed through on their physical therapy program. It is very important to continue with an experienced personal trainer. It is very important for the client to keep progressing and working on their issues. Exercise has many wonderful benefits such as restoring coordination, muscular strength and improving balance. Improving one’s gate and stability during movement can give the patient their life back. Here are some key points that are corrective exercise specialist can help with people with medical disabilities.

  1. First of all, as the client progresses and makes an improvement. They will gain back their self-esteem and confidence. This is very important to keep the client motivated and inspired to continue to exercise and improve under disabilities.
  2.  It is very important that the certified personal trainer assesses the client. Talks to their doctors and nurses about their restrictions and challenges. It is very important to handle the client with care and gently. Baby steps are the key to long-term progress and medical issues.
  3.  Variety is very important for the medical patient. Constantly changing exercises and modifying the ones that the client has difficulty with. It is very important to adjust the routine to the abilities and challenges of the client.
  4.  There will come a time when the client will become stale in their exercise program. Maybe get on have the energy for that day. Or they’re not feeling well. Whatever the reason it is very important for the personal trainer to be understanding and sympathetic towards the client’s situation. There is no need to get aggressive with the client and put that down because their body is not responding properly that day.
  5.  Building a relationship is very important between the client and the personal trainer. Sharing life experiences, special moments are talking about positive is a very healthy for the client and personal trainer relationship. Relationships are what it’s all about regardless of the fitness goals.

One of the reasons I have such great success with my clients that have medical issues and need a successful physical therapy and exercise program is that I am understanding of the needs. I am very careful to give them the proper exercise and motivation to help them progress slowly and safely. Exercise and physical medicine are the key ingredients for a patient to return back to a normal, active life.

Michael Metchikian, NASM, CPT, CES, CNS, SPT

Michael works what his clients at home or in their apartment fitness centers in the Boca Raton area Florida. He specializes many modalities of fitness such as physical rehabilitation, joint replacement therapy, strength, and endurance. Flexibility and balance issues.