Breathing is often overlooked in the exercise field. In my personal training studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. I pay close attention to my clients breathing while the exercise. It’s really baffles me how many people don’t know how to breathe correctly during exercise. There are dozens of positive changes that happen to our bodies and minds while we breathe correctly.

Most people that breathe through their mouths are shallow breathers. Breathing through the nostrils is a more effective and therapeutic way to utilize oxygen in our bodies

As a personal fitness trainer, I pay careful attention to my clients breathing rhythms while they do their exercises. Even stretching, there should be a very rhythmical and relaxing breathing rhythm. Breathing correctly will enable a person to stretch more efficiently and correctly. Achieving greater lengthening of their muscles and restoring function.

Breathing also helps tremendously with posture. When a person even does a simple exercise like a dumbbell curl while standing. If they practice good posture, such as dropping the shoulders down, retracting the shoulders slightly, and keeping their midsection in a neutral alignment. This will help the trainee relax and do the exercise more correctly.

As a weight-loss specialist, teaching clients how to breathe correctly is very important. Overweight trainees need to really pay attention to their breathing rhythms so they don’t overdo the exercise and injured themselves.

Good old-fashioned breathing is a tremendous added benefit to one’s exercise program. Hopefully your personal fitness trainer is  keeping a close watch on your breathing and exercise pace.