One of the most important factors in a personal training session is the fitness trainer giving an assessment. Assessments help the trainer gain knowledge and insight on how the client’s body is functioning. Assessment uncover many various insights on the proper movement, pattern, and mechanics.

After the fitness trainer gains all this information from the client. Then they can set up a proper exercise pertaining to the client’s needs and goals. Fivewayfitness trainers are experienced in proper assessments helping the client move better with less pain. Fivewayfitness trainers are corrective exercise specialists in proper exercise program design and execution. Here are a few areas where most client’s need help in balancing their muscles and moving pain free.

  1. Most adults suffer from back issues. By finding out what muscles are not working properly. A corrective exercise specialist can design a program tailored to the clients back issues. Helping them exercise pain free.
  2. Corrective Exercise Specialist help clients rehabilitate certain areas where clients have pain and discomfort. Helping them exercise more free of pain and discomfort.

It is very important to have a physical therapy program incorporated in a personal training session.