As a personal fitness trainer and the owner of a private  fitness studio in Cliffside, Park New Jersey. I’m always confronted with the questions about on training. In the male population. Most men want to work arms because is it a sign of strength and masculinity. I have no issues with men wanting to do on work such as curls and triceps extensions. On the other hand females tend to shy away and have a negative idea of on training. Most females believe that on training will get their arms to be big  and muscular.

Females should welcome on training in their fitness programs. It is very hard for women to develop large muscles in the bicep and tricep region of their arms. Only 1 million women have the genetics to add even inch on their arms in the year of training. Especially if they must maintain their proper weight. It doesn’t make a difference if a female is interested in losing unwanted body fat or firming intoning her body. Arm training is necessary for both fitness issues.

As a fitness trainer trying to overcome this bad reputation from the uneducated fitness enthusiasts of the 1980s and before. If you are female that is thin and needs to put on muscle mass. On training will benefit you tremendously. Many personal fitness trainers put on training and their fitness programs to their female clients. On the other hand if you are overweight female and you want to slim down and tone up. On training is the way to go. Because it will start to firm and tone and work on those muscles underneath the fact to firm them up and get them tight. This is just basic strength training done what a whole body affect.

So next time your personal Fitness trainer asks you to do a nexus that of dumbbell curls or tricep extensions. Go for it with an open mind.  just remember you’ll never see someone that has firm in tight arms and a large belly around their waist and vice versa.