I have been been in the fitness training business for over 30 years. Many concepts and theories have changed over the years. Most for the better. I would like to discuss the importance of a client being assessed for muscle balance and previous injuries issues. This is very important for the client because it will help with the client being able to move pain-free and efficiently. Also helping the client be free of injury risk. Assessment is the key to a successful exercise program.

As a personal fitness trainer who specializes with adults in the areas of strength training and physical therapy. Careful attention is paid to diagnose the client’s movement patterns. Helping the client move with proper form and functions enables for a more successful exercise program and experience.

My business is based as an at-home personal trainer and physical rehabilitation specialist. Helping people who have had issues with their movement and pain.

  1. Joint Replacements
  2. Back pain
  3. Shoulder pain and mobility
  4. Bunions
  5. Foot ankle weakness and instability
  6. Overall Body Strength and endurance
  7. Neck pain and mobility

All these issues could be addressed and resolved during a personal training session. The client would progress at a faster pace and enjoy the process of getting fit. At-home personal fitness training helps me work with my clients privately. In the comfort of their home or my private studio. This way careful attention is directed towards the client without disturbance or distraction.

The more information an experienced fitness trainer can receive and collect can make a big difference towards the success of a client’s fitness goals. Assessing, testing, and gathering information on how a client moves enable the fitness trainer to understand and correct the client’s movement issues.

The corrections are prescribed exercises and releases by the trainer. The trainer shows the client how to perform them and even goes through the routine to make sure they are performed correctly. Then these exercises are performed at home daily. Once the movement is corrected. The client can progress to higher levels of exercise.  Making it easier and safer to reach their fitness goals.

Here are a few modalities that fitness and bodyworkers work with to balance out the body so correct form can be achieved.

  1. NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT) is a form of therapy in which the therapist test muscles in patterns to find out why muscles are not functioning properly causing pain and weakness throughout the body.
  2. Scar release therapy is called McLoughlin Scar Release. Surgical procedures like shoulder operations, joint replacements, breast augmentation, tummy tucks, and cesarean C-sections are all major contributors to pain in various parts of the body. Scars can have majors disruptions in fascia and tissue movement. Altering the way the body moves. This special scar release technique releases dysfunction and restriction.  This way our bodies movement naturally and more efficiently
  3.  The postural Respiration Technique is a protocol where the practitioner works with the rib cage and the pelvis. Compensations and shifting in these areas cause the body to move in properly. As our body starts to compensate. We experience pain leading up to injury especially during our daily activities, especially during our fitness exercise programs.

Works with his clients at home or in his private studio in Pompano Beach. Michael specializes in joint replacements, physical therapy, strength training, and muscle balance work. Boca Ration and surrounding area, He can be reached at 561-400-7127