More and more people are getting involved in fitness these days. Personal fitness training is very popular. Many people hire at-home personal trainers. At home personal trainers make it very convenient for people to train in their homes. Hiring a personal trainer is a great investment. Many people hire trainers to help them meet and exceed their fitness goals. Personal trainers are a great source of motivation, information, and knowledge. They can help clients with various fitness issues and goals. Here are a few reasons to hire a personal fitness trainer.

1. Making sure that the client does their exercises correctly with good form and technique.

2. Set up a plan that can help the client reach their fitness goals.

3. Hold their clients accountable for the fitness goals. Such as weight loss or cardiovascular health.

4. Helping them with their nutrition program. Giving them options and choices that can help them with weight loss or muscle gain.

5. Whenever someone works with a personal trainer. Clients and trainers become a team. Working together towards the outcome or goal for the client.

One added benefit that makes all the difference in hiring an at-home personal trainer. Is someone that’s qualified and helping the client with past issues of their health. Such as joint replacements,  unrehabilitated old injuries or surgeries, past injuries from sports or workouts.

As a neural kinetic therapist that specializes in helping people get out of pain and be able to exercise correctly. I have experience with helping people with such issues.  One of the protocols I use is called NeuroKinetic Therapy( NKT). NKT  is a form of testing that helps the therapist find out why and where does the dysfunction with the movement pattern. NKT helps identify many issues that many other practitioners such as physical therapists, orthopedists, massage therapists are just not trained to look for. NKT is a very modern form of therapy that really can get to the root cause of the problem. The fix is very simple. What is most challenging is finding out why and where the problem is. Also finding out what muscles or movements are causing the dysfunction. When NKT is used along with personal training sessions. The client has a great advantage of reaching their fitness goals safely without any risk of injuries. Even if there’s a little nagging or discomfort with movement. The NKT therapist/trainer can help reverse the bad movement pattern and have the client back to performing the exercises with better form and less pain or discomfort during the session.

As a personal trainer, I specialize in helping my clients which are mostly adults first get out of pain and move properly. There are a few protocols that I perform. Helping the client move properly with no dysfunction is the key to exercising correctly and reaching your fitness goals. There are a few tips on why one needs to hire a physical therapist/trainer.

  1. A personal trainer that has experience in rehabilitation adds tremendous value to a personal training session.
  2. Neurokinetic therapy is a valuable tool to help people with their movement problems and pain.
  3. The fitness practitioner can design a program that can help the client move pain-free and perform the correct exercises without discomfort
  4. When the therapist Trainer performs and NKT therapy. The results are sometimes instantly felt within the same session. This has tremendous positive effects on the client. Because they can see the results immediately.
  5. It is very important that every personal training session has at least a quarter of the time dedicated to helping the client rehabilitate their movement problems. Making it easier to reach the client’s fitness goals.

The takeaway for this article is just starting an exercise program without assessment and rehabilitation. Can lead the client to a path of pain and discomfort. The key is the rehabilitate movement problems. Then progress towards an aggressive exercise program is more realistic.

Michael Metchikian NASM, CPT, CES, NKT 3

Michael practices his skills in his private studio or at home with clients. He practices many different protocols to help people get out of pain and exercise correctly.