As a personal fitness trainer and owner of a private fitness studio. I would like to address and explain the importance of a proper warm-up. The concept of warming up has changed over the years. Now it’s has become a more technical, precise that leads to trainees making better gains and progress safely.

As a personal fitness trainer, in my private fitness studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, I’m always keeping close attention and very mindful that my clients are properly warmed up and ready for the exercise program assigned to them.

A proper warm-up is essential prior to an exercise program. It brings heat into the body. Prepares the muscle and tendon to work accordingly in their length tension relationships. It helps the client slowly progress toward intense level of exercise that they need to do that day. A warm-up actually is a very systematic tool that helps clients reach new heights of progress.

In my private fitness studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, I am very careful to warm up my clients properly prior to any exercise I give them. A warm-up can be many things, it can be a light resistance exercise, followed by a little more intense resistance and then finally to the maximum effort set. Of course all this is in accordance with the fitness level of the client. I see many times fitness trainers just give people a very light weights which will yield them no progress or go to a medium weight where the client cannot execute the movement properly and does not get the proper feel. Therefore making the exercise completely useless and not productive.

So my advice to upcoming personal fitness trainers, is always warm up your client by giving them a minimal resistance, watching them perform the movement with the right technique, breathing and posture alignment.

Michael Metchikian,CPT,CES,CNS,NASM

Michael works with his clients is private fitness studio in Cliffside Park, New Jersey.  He specializes in making us clients pain free, strong, improving the balance and flexibility and improving the quality of life. He specializes in many different disciplines of fitness and nutrition.He welcomes any new clients from Norwood, Alpine, Fort Lee, Edgewater, North Bergen,  Englewood cliffs and the surrounding areas.