As an in-home personal trainer who works with his clients in their homes, apartment complexes, and the gyms of their choice, I have the advantage of having to hold the attention of the client as they perform a movement. Personal trainers’ responsibilities are to give clients exercises that will help them with their fitness goals. In any fitness program, the personal trainer should pay very close attention to how the client moves and performs the exercise given. I have the advantage of training people in their homes or very private settings. This gives me the immediate advantage of making sure my client is doing everything correctly because I have no distraction of other members getting in the way. Also, all the equipment is available to me when I choose to use it rather than haveing to wait for someone else to get off a piece of equipment I want to use.


Let’s take the exercise called “the lunge.” I see many trainers watching the clients perform this specialized leg exercise wrong. It’s not that the trainers don’t know how to do this exercise. The personal trainer does not take the time to correct and go over the mechanics of the movement. Also, when the exercise is performed incorrectly with the client, the personal trainer does not stop and correct the client. Rather, he’ll let the client continue to do the exercise wrong until the reps are completed. This is a big injustice to the client which I see in 99% of personal trainers.

Personal trainers are taught movement. Any exercise is a movement. That’s why I take great pride in giving meticulous, precise demonstrations, and I make sure throughout the exercise that my client performs it correctly.

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It is a pleasure to train people in their homes or apartment complexes. I have their undivided attention and results come faster, safer, and lots more fun. I’m very proud of my business in South Florida in the Boca Raton and Delray Beach area. It is a true honor and pleasure to train clients by giving them the complete attention they deserve while they go through their fitness program and get their desired results.