As an at-home personal trainer who works with clients in Boca Raton and Delray Beach Florida area. My business consists of clients from the ages of 40 and older. As we get older our bodies become more unbalanced and move improperly. What I have noticed in my at-home personal training practice is that most of my clients have tremendous issues with their bodies not working correctly. This meeting is that if they were to start off an exercise program without any guidance to their movement issues. In a short time they would either get injured or stop exercising because of discomfort in their exercise program. Most people over 40 have some sort of pain in their muscle skeletal area. Overuse injuries or traumatic injuries from sports such as torn Rotary cut muscles, weak back muscles, arthritic knees or unstable ankles just to name a few. The first thing a trainer must still in an exercise program is assessing the client and find out their problems. Proper movement screening can help determine what the clients issues are. Once these areas are assessed and corrected. Only then can the client can start exercising and push safely with no risk of injuries.

One way a personal trainer can help manager clients musculoskeletal pain is through rehabilitation type exercises. These exercises are done with rubber bands, stability balls, and very light resistance with dumbbells or kettlebells. Every client that does a personal one-on-one session should have their specific type of exercises programmed into their fitness routine. This way not only are they working towards their fitness goals such as weight loss, strengthening, cardiovascular fitness or just general fitness. They are also rehabilitating their weak areas in their body. This is to ensure that there is no risk of injury for the future. Plus the added bonus is that they’ll be pain-free.

Strength training and physical rehabilitation should be equal in a personal training workout. Since the client is working with a fitness trainer privately. All the attention can be focused on the client. This is one of the advantages of private personal training. In a group or boot camp style training. There’s no individualized attention. That’s why there are so many injuries to people who go to boot camps or group sessions. Plus not only do group members get her. They also don’t make progress because they can’t push hard enough because they have pain issues. This could be corrected very easily by a personal trainer who specializes in corrective exercise.

As a corrective exercise specialist. I am always aware of my clients movements in their exercise routine. Making sure the client does the exercise correctly insured that they’ll make progress and they’ll be injury free. In any given session, if the personal trainer sees an imbalance or improper movement. They can stop and correct the client. Also the personal fitness trainer can give some corrective exercises to help the client perform the movement properly. The takeaway to this article is the higher a personal fitness trainer that is highly experienced in correcting proper technique, knowledge in physical rehabilitation, and the knowledge to assess the client properly.