In all my daily personal training session for my clients, in every session I incorporate some sort of physical rehabilitation. It is very important to know the limitations, imbalances and other issues with my clients. As a personal trainer is my responsibility to make sure that my clients reach their goals safely and effectively without any major issues. The major issues I am talking about his muscle imbalances, injuries and pain.

In my private fitness studio, in Cliffside Park, New Jersey. I’m always assessing my clients and making sure that their bodies are properly aligned. By doing this, it enables me to get have more confidence and push my clients more aggressively without having them have any injuries.

This is why by assessing my clients. In every session I set up a special time between eight and 12 minutes where I work on their physical issues. Such as strengthening their backs, making the shoulders more stable and flexible, and making them pain-free and their knees. I take great pride in being able to give my clients quality work that’s enjoyable, result producing an effective. I have many clients referred to me because they have issues with their personal trainers. The main reason is to have gotten hurt. Usually the problem doesn’t happen at one time. It’s usually a buildup of poor technique, improper resistance and too much volume in their personal training workout. In my private studio is very important that I follow special guidelines and procedures making sure that I am careful with the progress of my clients.

Personal fitness trainers need to be held accountable for their actions on how they give workouts that her clients. Safety is a major issue that is overlooked and personal fitness trainers tend to get relaxed when they are training their clients. I’m very passionate about the work I do as a personal fitness trainer. So anyone that knows me, know of the great work I do being an at home personal trainer.