Today more and more adults have issues with the shoulders. Injuries from High school and college sports. Recreational and home injuries. Overuse injuries. Traumatic injuries such as operations and emotional blocks.  All of these past injuries can prevent an adult when it comes to them starting an exercise program.

Today the topic is shoulder injuries. Exercising with shoulder injuries is very difficult. Many adults that have shoulder problems either stay away from exercises that can cause them pain and irritation  Some even warm-up and try to do the best they can with the least resistance. Many adults stop exercising altogether because they’re frustrated. They don’t want to potentially injured the area anymore.

As an at-home personal fitness trainer. That specializes in training clients at their homes into Boca Raton in Delray Beach Area of Florida. I can sympathize with people that have these problems. Specializing in injuries and rehabilitating adults well getting them back into shape. Hiring a knowledgeable personal trainer that can assess the root of the problem. Implementing the correct exercises that will help the client regain the strength and mobility, Stabilizing the shoulder region. Regaining the client’s strength and confidence. Along with implementing the proper exercises to the client. For them to regain the active lifestyle back and continue to progress  towards their fitness goals.

The proper physical rehabilitation program that five way fitness program delivers is unique. It is not the standard physical therapy exercises with the tubing that 99% of rehabilitation centers use. Five way fitness trainers are educated and specializing in physical rehabilitation with modern up-to-date protocols. Paying very close attention to detail and corrective execution of the exercises performed. Hiring a personal fitness trainer that not only can deliver an effective workout program. Also can can rehabilitate the shoulders while delivering fitness results.

Five way fitness personal trainers have an extensive background not only in strength training in general fitness. They also have an extensive background in a variety a very successful Musculoskeletal rehabilitation programs and protocols.

Michael Metchikian NASM,CPT,CNS,CES

Michael works with his clients.At their homes, Apartment fitness centers or gyms of their choice.He specializes many different forms of Strength training.Corrective exercise.Muscle pain, muscle.weakness, Joint replacement issues.Weight loss programs and general fitness.